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Who are we?

Crossroads Church is a growing small-town, local Church in Herbert SK with a thriving global vision and impact, significantly invested nationally and in countries such as Uganda and the United Kingdom.  


Our founders and  Senior Pastors Emeritus are Richard and Polly Erb, who continue to serve in many ways and are on our Eldership team. They planted the church in 2000 with a passion to see vibrant worship and life giving teaching about Jesus, to reach the community, surrounding areas, nation and the world. 

As part of the ever growing Life Links International Network, our Church oversight and mentor continues to be Dave Wells, Apostolic Leader Emeritus, with whom we have a strong a 20 year connection. We have also been blessed by the mentorship of Scott Harrison from  Living Hope, Estevan within the same network. You might recognize the Life Links Network of Church due to Mark Hughes' popular broadcasted messages from Church of the Rock, Winnipeg. Locally you may have heard of Harvest City Church in Regina. 

Six of our core leadership team have also graduated from the intensive AMP (Accelerated Ministry Program) run by Life Links International.

The Leadership Team

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Meet Garth & Karen

Senior Pastors at Herbert Crossroads Church

Garth and Karen have served in ministry together for over 30 years.  They love connecting with people. They always make time for relationships and have this incredible gift to make people feel at home. 

Garth and Karen love the outdoors and you will find them out on hikes on their days off. Or you might find Garth smoking some meat in his backyard. 

Garth has served as the lead pastor in Churches in Northern Saskatchewan working with Power to Change and spearheading providing Hockey Chaplaincy for a number of Junior Hockey teams.  

Meet Richard & Polly 

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Richard and Polly Erb are so special to this house!

They boldly planted the Church back in 2000 shortly after moving from Alberta. It started with a small group in their own home... but it quickly grew and the church set down roots in our Thompson St. location. 

We are so thankful for their faithfulness and continued leadership on our Eldership Team. 

Polly has a passion for prayer and worship, and Richard has a gift for leading people in the world. 

Not only have they parented their 5 children so well, but they have also invested in many ministries. This includes mission work that Richard has done supporting a First Nations Ministry called Broken Walls in both in Canada and in the States. 

Polly can be found opening up her home and inviting people into the joy of horse riding. She trains for Horse Endurance Races. 

They are well loved, and also open up their home for one of our weekly Adults Cell groups. 

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Meet Rich & Heather

After leading bible studies at Harvest City Church in Regina, Rich and Heather sought a church home in Herbert when they moved here. They found one at Crossroads and we are so thankful that they did. 

Rich is an exemplary Business Man and Heather is a well loved Librarian in our small town. They have served in many capacities at Crossroads, from leading Bible Studies to kids ministry and missions. They are such incredible people with a wonderful family - we can't wait for you to meet them. 

Both Rich and Heather are on our Eldership Team and Rich also graduated from the AMP (Accelerated Ministry Training)  program with Life Links International.

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Meet Charles & Maria

Charles and Maria are Elders in the church and are such a gift for us. They both have a passion for the Heart of the Gospel and a desire for people to experience the Love of God. They also both graduated from AMP. 

Charles and Maria farm with their extended family and enjoy being in the back hills directly South of Herbert. You are likely to also know Maria from her bountiful creativity both in the church and within the wider community. Maria not only invites people into art but also dance worship, inspiring many in the church to express their love to Jesus with their whole selves though the medium of dance. 

They have two incredible kids, Julie and Caleb.

Meet Kim & Nathan

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Kim and Nathan Fast have served us faithfully for many years while their gorgeous family has grown. They have three wonderful girls, Alannah, Aubrey and Annalise. 

Kim has an incredible heart for worship and their house, which they often open up to host friends and family, is a fortress of peace and love because of the worshipful atmosphere. 

Kim can often be found leading the congregation in praise, and in recent years Nathan has not only learnt how to play the bass guitar, but has also invested so much into the tech side of sound- he really has honed this skill! 

You will be blessed to meet and spend time with this family.

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Come and Connect

If we could, we would go beyond the leadership team and put every family here because everyone carries such unique and valuable gifts.

Instead we challenge you to come and connect - we also want to meet you

Crossroads Church

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Herbert  SK

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